The ORwE degree program draws on expertise from professors in the following departments:

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Computer Science

Soutir Bandyopadhyay

Associate Professor
Areas of specialization: Spatial and environmental statistics, time series, bioinformatics, bootstrap/resampling methods, large sample theory.

Doug Nychka


Dinesh Mehta                    

Areas of specialization: Applied algorithms and data structures, cheminformatics.

Dejun Yang

Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization: Algorithmic game theory, incentive mechanism design, algorithm design, and optimization, with the focus on applications to networks, crowdsourcing, cloud computing, smart grid, and security and privacy.

Economics and Business

Electrical Engineering

Morgan Bazilian

Research Professor
Areas of specialization: Energy planning, energy access, smartgrids, energy governance.

Tulay Flamand

Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization: Retail analytics, store-wide shelf space allocation, manufacturing & service operations management, supply chain management, mathematical programming, enhanced optimization methodologies, optimization-based heuristic approaches, decomposition techniques, dynamic programming.

Gonuggo Tang

Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization: Optimization theory, algorithms and applications, signal processing, and machine learning.

Mechanical Engineering

Gregory Bogin

Associate Professor
Areas of specialization: Computational fluid dynamics, heterogeneously-catalyzed endothermic fuel cracking, utilization of alternative fuels for power generation applications.

Brian Thomas

Areas of specialization: Metals processing, metallographic analysis, computational modeling of the continuous casting of steel and related products.

Robert Braun

Areas of specialization: SOFC system design, analysis, and optimization, multi-scale modeling, thermochemical and electrochemical systems.

Headshot of Dr. Alexandra Newman outdoors

Alexandra Newman

Areas of specialization: Applied optimization, transportation logistics, mine production scheduling, military applications, energy systems.

Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco

Assistant Professor
Areas of specialization: Building energy simulations, thermal storage, green roofs, heat transfer applied to buildings, buildings interactions with the smart grid.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Mining Engineering

Jeffrey King

Associate Professor
Areas of specialization: Nuclear reactor design and analysis; nuclear reactor physics; small and medium reactors; nuclear materials; computational methods; public policy and outreach.

Chester Van Tyne

Areas of specialization: Forging and forming.

Kadri Dagdelen

Areas of specialization: Geostatistical resource and reserve estimation for metal and precious metal deposits, especially gold; open pit and underground mine planning, design, equipment selection and economic evaluation.