Interdisciplinary PhD: Operations Research with Engineering

Colorado School of Mines announced the approval of an Interdisciplinary PhD Specialty in Operations Research with Engineering (ORwE) in the fall of 2011.

Operations Research involves mathematically modeling physical systems (both naturally occurring and man-made) with a view to determining a course of action for the system to either improve or optimize its functionality. Examples of such systems include: manufacturing systems, chemical processes, socio-economic systems, mechanical systems (e.g., those that produce and utilize energy and materials), and mining systems.

The ORwE Program allows students to complete an interdisciplinary doctoral-level degree by taking courses and conducting research in the following departments and divisions: Applied Math & Statistics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Economics & Business, Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. Currently, eleven faculty in the departments listed above serve as core faculty in this program.

Students who recently attended INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) and the titles of their student presentations are as follows:
Name Title
Ashley Arigoni Global Thermal Coal Flow Optimization Using a Network Construct
Ben Johsnon Optimizing Nuclear Waste Disposal: Yucca Mountain Case Study
Barry King Open Pit to Underground: Optimizing the Transition
Vitaliy Krasko Debris Flow Hazard Management via Global Optimization
Timo Lohmann Power Generation Expansion Planning with Short-term Demand Response
Patrick O'Reilly The Role of Market Process in Reverse Supply Chains for Durable Goods
Michael Teter

Optimally Stationing and/or Reducing the US Military using a Mixed
Integer Linear Program (MILP)



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