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Eight students attended INFORMS in Nashville this past November. Among them were five ORwE PhD students and three Mechanical Engineering (ME) PhD students. On energy modeling, Mike Wagner (ME) and Will Hamilton (ME) presented work on concentrated solar power, while Gladys Anyenya (ME) discussed fuel cell design and Mark Husted and Gavin Goodall presented work on micro grid optimization. In the mining area, Mojtaba Rezakhah and Levente Sipeki elaborated on open pit and underground mine planning models, respectively. Finally, Chris Richards represented military operations with a talk on minimum-risk routing through a mapped minefield.


The following papers co-authored by ORwE students have been published or accepted for publication:  

Johnson, B., Newman, A., and J. King. "Optimizing High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal within a Deep Geologic Repository," Annals of Operations Research, accepted.

Kevin McCoy, Vitaliy Krasko, Paul Santi, Daniel Kaffine, and Steffen Rebennack. "Minimizing Economic Impacts from Post-Fire Debris Flows in the Western United States," Natural Hazards.

Timo Lohmann, Amanda S. Hering, and Steffen Rebennack. "Spatio-Temporal Hydro Forecasting of Multireservoir Inflows for Hydro-Thermal Scheduling," European Journal of Operational Research.

Timo Lohmann and Steffen Rebennack. "Tailored Benders Decomposition for a Long-Term Power Expansion Model with Short-Term Demand Response," Management Science.

Scioletti, M., Goodman, J., Kohl, P., and A. Newman. "A Physics-Based Integer-Linear Battery Modeling Paradigm," Applied Energy, accepted.

Tarvin, D.A., K. Wood, and A. Newman, 2016. "Benders Decomposition: Solving Binary Master Problems by Enumeration," Operations Research Letters, 44(1): 80-85.

Teter, M.D., A. Newman, and M. Weiss. "Consistent Notation for Presenting Complex Optimization Models in Technical Writing," Surveys in Operations Research and Management Science, accepted.

The following papers co-authored by ORwE students have been submitted or are undergoing revisions:

Arigoni, A., A. Newman, C. Turner, and C. Kaptur. "Optimizing Global Thermal Coal Shipments."                  

King, B., Goycoolea, M., and A. Newman. "Optimizing the Open Pit-to-Underground Mining Transition," under revision.

King, B., Goycoolea, M., and A. Newman. "New Integer Programming Models for Tactical and Strategic Underground Production Scheduling," under revision.

King, B and A. Newman. "Optimizing the Cutoff Grade for an Underground Mine."

Scioletti, M., Newman, A., Goodman, J., and S. Leyffer. "A Mixed-integer Nonlinear Program to Design and Dispatch a Hybrid Power System in Remote Locations," under revision.

Tarvin, D.A., L. Sipeki, A. Newman, and A. Hering. "Lessons Learned from a Company Dealing with Big Data."

Moreno, E., Rezakhah, M., Newman, A., and F. Ferreira. "Linear Models for Stockpiling in Open-pit Mine Production Scheduling Problems," under revision.                       








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